Spatial awareness

Make sure to check your surroundings when playing VR so […]

Me-Ko simulator

Remember not to play bootleg vr games if you don’t […]


Colored another one of these




I’ve had this tweet on my mind for months, so […]

Gris Swimsuit

Lan likes to embarrass Fransis, but really shrinks when placed […]

How many times

Happy new year everyone! Long time no see! Not much […]

Fransis Strip Game

Thank you all for participating!

Now Give It Spikes

Commission for Coth!That’s not very punk rock of you Mr […]

Sensible Girl

Commission for Veklov!It’s bad manners to speak with your mouth […]

Why would you say that?

Pats your butt platonically

Killer Fransis

Patreon releaseI had this idea for mermay but didnt quite […]

Boob flavor

Every chance for drawing Fransis in different outfits is a […]