Laundry Distraction

The clothes are not even wet but someone sure is. […]


Patreon Release Its hard being this popular. The may poll […]

Tie the knot

Patreon Release You flew too close to the sun Ruby


Patreon Release Patreon reward for the month! Sadie does make […]

Full of Ambition 3

A compromise

Full of Ambition 2

Mistakes were made

Full of ambition

Patreon release, commission work for Grimmdertale Peridot has more guts […]

Netflix and…

Patreon release, more commission work.You would think Puby is doing […]

About that planet 2

Patreon Release, commission for Grimmdertale. Smooth.


Patreon release.You can practice all the safe sex you want […]

Cross Legs

Patreon release, one of this month’s rewards. The literal request […]

Six Characters

Just did the 6 character things on twitter


Patreon release, one of the monthly rewards. Sapphire is clearly […]


Sadie sure loves her nonbinary partners.

Rumor 2/2

This is gonna be a long journey to earth.

Under the table

And no one was the wiser. This one was a […]