Mix and match

Connie and Steven unfuse to some unexpected changes.

A series of commissions by Coth


Bell runs a magical greenhouse dedicated to everything nasty.

Netflix And

Nekky and Puby watch a movie. With erotic result.

A series of commissions by Box-Jockson

Deal with the devil

A bargain for power, with erotic results.

Full Of Ambition

Peridot has more ambition than sense


Rumor talks about a peridot…

No Clip Bitch

Miko gets halfway to a mission. With Erotic Result.


Two is company, three is inevitable.


FS has a quiet ride home.

Have a seat

Pearl joins Peridot and Lapis on the couch, with erotic result.

Out to dry

Peridot and Lapis do laundry, with erotic result.

Self Reference

FS needs a model.

Comedy Analysis

Peridot asks for amethyt’s help understanding a joke, with erotic result.

Nap Break

Commission for Box! Nekky is on some advanced techiques right […]

Heavy Sleeper

Comic commission for Dlaw Good thing mercury poisoning isn’t a […]

Just Kidding

The ultimate pullout method

Im blind and my meat is huge

Comic commission for Veklov! Don’t worry about Aang tho, the […]

Intentional Mistake

She knows that she is about


Patreon Release A stable relationship is based in getting your […]


Patreon Release Its hard being this popular. The may poll […]

Something wrong miss?

Fanart for You suck! Honestly love those gals and have […]


Patreon release.You can practice all the safe sex you want […]

Triple Pink Tickle

And another commission released from patreon, thanks again Grimmdertale! Spinel […]

Relative Growth

I mean, it did grow from your POV didn’t it?

Unknown Device

You can’t take this girl anywhere without her sneaking a […]


You have not earned a Garnet yet P.Another trio commissioned […]

Is that doing it for you?

Sometimes you just chill with your frend in a couch […]

New Record

Those pink zombie powers sure make you resilient! Commission for […]

My own joke

I don’t get most jokes and the ones I tell […]