is now Live!

Weclome everyone! All the comics are up, and all the (good) artwork is up in the gallery!

I finally managed to find a proper hosting, that I could afford thanks to my patrons, and build a site in it to hold my artwork! I plan on keep tweaking it over time as I learn more about it, but for now, it is going!

But why

Have you noticed how it is becoming harder to be a NSFW artist, and communities are shutting down or banning porn art? This is to have a good place to turn to in case something ever happens!

Also, there are no really good sites to post NSFW comics around in a way that you can both control them and make them readable, so it should be much easier to read them all together here now!

Does that mean I have to check this site to see the new artwork now?

Just for boring talks like these!

I am not much of a talker, but for big news that don’t fit in a Tweet, this site seems like the ideal choice!

I am going to keep uploading everything to the same places I have been uploading everything so far, that is not gonna change. And I am still keeping the patreon exclusive content exclusive to patreon.

But if you want to go back and read comics from the beginning easily, or you are a fan of RSS feeds to keep track of the thinks you want to see and watch, the site should do just the trick!

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